We don't design clothes. We design dreams


Born and raised in London, United Kingdom. Authentic Goth is a gothic clothing brand built by young women striving for excellence.


It was brought to our attention that goths often feel left out and excluded, and the gothic style does not get the attention it deserves, so we decided to change this fact in the best way possible and we genuinely trust that our designs will inspire that.


We are an inclusive brand, we endorse body positivity and empower everyone to feel good in their own skin. 


Our designs mostly fit within goth and surrounding subcultures, styles, and aesthetics, and our materials are 100% vegan as we are dedicated to helping animals in need so we donate 15% of our profits to animal rescues. Moreover, if you are our ambassador and cannot afford surgery or medication for a sick animal, contact us, we will be glad to cover the expenses.


Our vision is to be the number 1 gothic brand in the market. This would only be possible with your suggestions, your ideas, your feedback, and your constructive criticism. Our customer service is available 24/7 to listen to you and assist you in every possible way.

Authentic Goth is fully committed to its values and represents them in every single thing we do. We are devoted to supporting our workers, ambassadors, and partners in adhering to our ethical and social responsibility standards, while also having the guts to cut ties with those who don't. 


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