We don't design clothes. We design dreams

Here is your exclusive invitation to join our dark army. A group of misfits, rebels and outcasts 🤘🏻

 Welcome to Authentic Goth, an inclusive brand inspired by the realms of darkness with a strong focus on integrity, sustainability and authenticity. 

They can quote us, disagree with us, glorify or vilify us. But the one thing they can't do is ignore us 🖤

As our ambassador: 

🌙l You will get a 40% discount on ALL PRODUCTS on your first order + Free shipping. 

🔥l You will receive your own custom 30% discount code for your followers and be our ambassador to them. 

💳l You can share your custom code with your friends and followers and gain 10£ each time someone uses it. (You will have a login to your own personal portal on our partner network GoAffPro to track your revenue and performance)

📸l We will repost and feature you on the official Instagram stories, highlight, and possibly even feed to help you gain more followers! And be noticed by our amazing 100K+ community. 

💜 I You will have early access to collections, sales and giveaways.

🔐l Loyal ambassadors get added to our PR list and receive a 500£ Gift card. 

💀I Opportunities to run exclusive partnerships with us.

🛫l Get a chance to win a full expense trip to Bali, Hawaii or Maldives with a 2000£ pocket money. 

In exchange, you would only need to post a photo of your beauties on Instagram and tag the official IG, but only if we meet your expectations! Make it natural but stunning, so it can be re-posted! 

PS: we won't ask you to publish it unless you are 100% satisfied with it.

If you have been already contacted by our agents, kindly proceed with them. If not, contact us on @authentic_goth.official and we will take care of you.

Your follower base does not matter, as our brand is unconcerned with shallow societal standards; we think that every person is remarkable and influential in different ways.

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